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Embraer 190 and 195 for x-plane 12

This models is a complete new X-plane12 ACF model made by the same developers of the Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG B748 and Ejet Evolution Series for XP10/11).
•    The unique Embraer 190/195 for a Sim that performs a complete FMS VNAV/LNAV/SPEED navigation path as a real modern aircraft, including ILS, RNAV, VOR, LOC, GLS approaches
•    The Aircraft is modeled as near as real one with many details such as a satellite antenna and various vents, drains, etc.
•    Detailed landing gear/gear doors with proper animation.
•    Openning doors.
•    Wing flex animation.
•    Custom external lights design with realistic width, direction and range.
•    External 3D cockpit and cabin with enhanced graphics and physic based rendering lights.
•    Detailed overhead, pedestal, forward panels with most animated buttons, knobs and switches.

Custom Systems descriptions
•    FMS - Flight management System.
•    Brake system with autobrake and antiskid.
•    Functional gear steers system.
•    Hydraulic system logic.
•    Electrical system logic.
•    Bleed sytem Logic.
•    Air Conditioning system logic.
•    Advanced Advisory System logic with more then 100 messages logic.
•    Lights switch test system.
•    Fire test system.
•    Fire dish with bottles system.
•    Display brightness.
•    Wipers with speeds and real recorded sounds.

Flight Model
•    The flight model is made by the former  SSG main developer now under this new brand.
•    Custom Fly By Wire system that provides flight protection limiting and control laws acording with the FMS Protection System logic.
•    The advanced and accurate flight performance, engine thrusting, consumiption, speeds etc.

Flight Management System - FMS
•    Navigraph supported flight plans and AIRACs.
•    High resolution displays and Pop Ups with the real font type.
•    IRS implemented with automatic alignment function.
•    Navigation Display (ND) with accurate functions, TCAS and default XP Weather radar.
•    Complete custom autoflight system management with FMA - Fligh Management Anunciators.
•    Primary Flight Display with Pop Up.
•    EICAS Display with Pop Up.
•    Complete synoptics pages with Pop Ups.
•    Aural system advisory and EGPWS implementation.
•    Functional Stby Intrument.
•    Dual integrated Custom MCDU similar as the real one load 25 and/or load 27 with :
  • Integrated Radio
   • Initialization
   • Navigation
        • Performs TOGA/VNAV/LNAV/RNAV/LOC/GS/Missed APPR
        • Performs FMS SPEEDS  from Takeoff to landing with Autothrootle custom system
        • Performs Autoland 1 and Autoland 2,  CATI,II.
  • Route Preview
  • Performance
        • Init
        • RTE
        • Takeoff
        • Climb
        • Cruise
        • Descent
        • Landing
        • TRS
        • auto landing speeds table
  • Nav page with FIX and HOLD functions
  • Plan page
  • Progress

Integrated Fmod Sound
•    Engines sounds with many stages recorded from real engines.
•    Cockpit sounds recorded from real cockpit as rolling and windy stages.
•    Enviromental sounds controlled into the cockpit and cabin with door isolations.

Integrated Tablet with option functions and Avitab support.
  • Initialization with 3 states.
  • Ground operations  (Doors, pushback, GPU, Chocks)
  • Loading  (Payload sheet)
  • Fueling  (fuel loader with trip prediction)
  • Sound Options integrated with Fmod sounds.
  • Preferences (Pilots outside, Yokes, Tablet, baro, pause on TD)
  • Autosave for  Preferences and Sound mixer.
• Complete usage AVITAB integrated to the Tablet

Liveries with the package

  - Alitalia Cityliner
  - Alliance Airlines
  - Air France Hop
  - AZUL Airlines
  - Britsh Airways
  - Breeze
  - Jetblue
  - Japan Airlines
  - KLM CityHooper
  - LOT

More Liveries available for download.

Minimal system requirements.
Operational System - Windows 10/11 - MAC OS 1.5+
Gen9th 3.5ghtz I5,I7,I9, intel processors - 16GB M1, 16GB M2 Apple processors.
Vulkan/Metal GPU with at last 8gb VRAM.
2GB of disk space.


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